Mona Alshebil is a luxury, minimalist, contemporary brand that celebrates the success of women through feminine, timeless pieces. Our pieces consist of sophisticated, modern designs that are influenced by the Saudi heritage. We pay attention to details, quality and craftsmanship. Mona Alshebil is an ethical brand, that focuses on sustainability. And ethical practices. Our goal is to empower women to be confident, capable, positive, independent, and beautiful.


Mona Alshebil is a Saudi fashion designer and part of the 100 Saudi Brands Organization. She graduated with a Marketing, and Innovation Management degree from the USA. Mona loved styling her own pieces and started experimenting with designing after moving to Saudi Arabia, out of the need of having special outfits that represent her personality. She then got offers from friends and family loving her styles and asking for her designs.

She studied Fashion Design and started her brand in 2020, that focuses on timeless tailored, feminine cuts.